Virtual English and Communication

Business Communication

Business Communication is any communication that encourages a product, a type of service or organization in order to enhance sale prospects.

Common Errors in English

The Common Errors in English module is intended to help users avoid the common mistakes made in the use of the English language.

Communication Skills

Communication is the activity of exchanging meaningful information.


Grammar is the methodical study and description of the structure of a language.

Technical Communication

Technical communication is a style of writing which enables readers to understand a process or concept.


Vocabulary is the knowledge of words and word meanings and is a prime tool for communication in a language.

Reading and Comprehension

Reading comprehension involves a measure of how well an individual grasps what is read.

Listening Skills

Active listening is a form of listening that emphasises on what a person says and involves an understanding of the context of the message as well as the emotions underlying it.

Video Tutorials

The Video Tutorials module is a collection of lectures.

Lab Staff and Contributors (Not an experiment)

List of persons involved in building the lab.