Selecting a word from the list

Matching exercise

Select a word from the list to replace the word in italics.
1. Surrounded by armed troops, the trespassers had to abandon their abortive attempt to flee.
2. The new regulations were too stringent for the students to follow.
3. I have decided to relinquish the house for my cousin from Atlanta.
4. The mob became even more boisterous when the cops resorted to force
5. Being ill, he found a good pretext to avoid going to school.
6. He took a quick jaunt in his new car to Guwahati city.
7. All attempts to salvage the remains from the air crash site failed.
8. Josh, although cognizant of his immense capabilities, knew his limits too.
9. Peter was not convinced with Jim's nebulous ideas for their new venture.
10. The shrewd investor took advantage of his client's trusting nature.